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Sales Execution Workshop

Sales Execution Workshop with President of Cardone Enterprises, Jarrod Glandt and Director of Sales, Todd Straugh

No two other individuals here at 10X Headquarters know more about sales than Jarrod and Todd. Under their leadership, the Cardone Sales team has closed countless deals and brought in tens of millions in revenue. Now they're ready to share with you the secrets, strategies and techniques which they learned from the king of sales himself, Grant Cardone. In this workshop Jarrod and Todd will take you through the entire sales process from obtaining leads to cold-calling, from getting past the gate-keeper to overcoming objections and from closing the sale to following up.

By the time you complete the Sales Execution Workshop you'll be a selling machine capable of closing any deal or even training others to do the same. Get the time-tested methods that made Grant Cardone the undisputed master of sales and put them to work for you.